Entry #1


2007-08-12 21:10:47 by Robotcow

I get Bored and then i make flashes, thats just how i am. I ONLY make flashes when im bored usually. Is anyone else like me? Or does everyone else do it for different reasons?


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2007-08-12 21:30:14

Sometimes I make Flash to learn something I don't know, sometimes I'm bored and I make something for the heck of it, sometimes I just pop up with an idea and decide to animate it, and other times I see contests I want to enter.

That's me.

Robotcow responds:

where do u find contests?


2007-08-13 01:54:04

I normally make flashes when I have a good idea


2007-08-13 12:01:26

well..i make flash when im bored and when im.....happy you can say that tooo doood


2007-12-09 18:21:51

wats that shit yuo submited!!!
you on drugs?